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Strength & Honor
64 Stories of Leadership, Character and Values
Author: John M. Hinck
Publication Date: June 15, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9855133-7-5
Hardback: 144 pages
No Illustrations
Price: $19.95 (U.S.)

Book Synopsis:
Before bedtime in the Hinck household, my father read stories from the Bible and other great books to my twin brother and me. While in the Army, stories were always swapped around the barracks, in a motor pool, on a flight line, and during deployments. People have often gravitated toward the personal and military stories I have shared on leadership, character, and values. Who doesn’t like a good story? They can make us laugh, smile, think, or cry.

Over the course of 20 plus years as an Apache pilot and leader in the Army spanning a number of different posts and deployments in South Korea, Germany, Albania, and Afghanistan, I filled 26 little green books with thousands of observations and lessons. Strength and Honor is my effort to share 64 of the best leadership stories I learned from my family, the church, and the military such as setting a foundation, learning a craft, practicing standards of excellence, perfecting the art and science of command, and observing lifelong leadership.

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