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Partnership Publishing
How does it compare to Traditional Publishing?
So you want to write a book?

People write books for various reasons. Some want a book to help establish their credibility as a consultant or speaker. Others want to see their hard work result in a tangible book they can use to promote themselves and develop a following.

Regardless of the reason, aspiring authors often have no idea what to do next…especially if none of the Big 5 traditional publishing houses have offered a contract.

Authors need a chance for their work to see the light of day. Created by authors who have published books through the Big 5 publishing companies, BookPress Publishing was designed to fill a gap that exists between traditional publishing and self-publishing. We provide the opportunity for authors to take a chance on themselves. As a partnership publisher, authors are guaranteed personal, tailored service designed to meet their specific goals, from concept to marketing.

We have strict standards and vet every project for editorial quality. If a manuscript is not yet ready to begin the formal editing and production process, we will work directly with you in a coach/mentor capacity. We ensure the resulting book makes you proud when you hold it in your hands for the first time.

Do your due diligence prior to working with any company. BookPress is committed to complete transparency throughout the entire experience with every deliverable explained up front in writing. We are committed to quality and will not make false promises. We’re also happy to connect you with other authors that have previously partnered with us.

Although we will work with any genre of author, we specialize in self-help and non-fiction content targeted at leaders and people who wish to improve their life skills. At BookPress, you will keep all of your rights and fully control all aspects related to the book, including profits generated through sales.

We look forward to working with you.