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Featured Author:
Lynn Witt Author
Lynn Witt
Author of An Otter Oughta

An Otter Oughta is a full-color, 32-page hardback children's book. Lynn created the story and hand-painted all of the illustrations.

An Otter Oughta is a simple look at the life of an otter from birth to young adult, from dependence to independence, from obscurity to clarity. It’s about learning how to live, grow and dream about possibilities. Like so many children's books, it is not only enjoyable for the child, but may be meaningful in unexpected ways for the adult reader, too!

We will work with each author individually and serve as a coach and guide through the entire process. Since each book project is unique to the individual author’s work and desires, we prefer to develop a publishing plan after an initial formal discussion. To schedule a meeting or ask questions, please contact us. Our services include:
Spacer Author Coaching and Mentoring by an established author who knows what it takes to become successful based on your goals.
Book Editing with a trained professional. Our editors are either professional writers and/or teach English composition and writing at the collegiate level.
Spacer Proofing of the final manuscript by a team of chosen professionals who provide content-related feedback and identify any typos and minor errors.
Pre-Publishing Services including acquisition of ISBN number, LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) and CIP Data for librarians.
Submission of book for pre-publishing reviews.
Design and formatting of book cover, jacket and content for both print and/or electronic formats.
Custom illustration.
Complete book printing in a variety of formats and styles.
Marketing support including development of a strategic marketing plan that includes pricing, advertising and promotion, and distribution. We will develop and produce marketing materials such as banners, postcards, sale sheets, etc. as needed.
Submission of book for post-publishing reviews and award competitions.
Spacer Assistance with establishing Amazon seller and KDP accounts.