Below are a number of featured books created by Bookpress Publishing including information about each and ordering information (if available). This list is not all-inclusive and will change from time to time. Fiction/Children's books appear at the end of the list.


The Build a Bigger Life Manifesto

by: Adam Carroll

Selling Authority

by: Drew McLellan & Stephen Woessner

The Crucial 12

by: Steve Wolgemuth

Mastery of Money for Students

by: Adam Carroll

Finding Joy

by: Carrie Copley

A Quarter Million Steps

by: Anthony Paustian, Ph.D.
Foreword By: Alfred Worden, Apollo 15 Astronaut

The Money Savvy Student

by: Adam Carroll

The Versatility Factor

by: John R. Myers & Henning Pfaffhausen, Ph.D.

The Ties That Bind

by: Danny Beyer


by: Jason Kiesau

Cracking the Career Code

by: Tom Henricksen
with Sara Stibitz

You Are Enough

by: Tony Wilson

Finding Success

by: Tom Eakin

Change, Inc

by: Kristin Runyan

Strength & Honor

by: John Hinck Col.

Leading with Style

by: Jason Kiesau & John Myers

Beware the Purple People Eaters

by: Anthony Paustian, Ph.D.

Random Thoughts & What Remains

by: John Tapscott

fiction / childrens picture books

Burying the Lede

by: Joe LeValley

The Genius of Gertie

by: Courtney Behrens
Illustrated by: Lynn Witt

The Shimmering Secret

by: Karla Hansen
Illustrated by: Ron Wagner

An Otter Oughta

by: Lynn Witt
Illustrated by: Lynn Witt